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Tips for a successful photo- shoot in your home:

  • Prepare a space with plenty of natural light. 
  • Keep the room warm.  Kick off the air or fans about 30 minutes before I arrive.
  • Before I arrive, keep baby awake for 30 minutes – an hour if possible.
  •  Once I arrive, and during set up, go ahead a feed or nurse baby until full
  •  Keep baby undressed, in a loose fitting diaper, and swaddled in your favorite blanket.
  • If family members are joining in the photographs solid color outfits work best.  Most resort to a solid black or white top.
  • I find baby is more relaxed for photos and will sleep longer if extra family, siblings, and pets are not present during the time we spend photographing.  When I am ready to incorporate others into the session I will let you know.  *If for any reason this is uncomfortable for a family member they are welcome to sit quietly in the same room.  I do ask that family members remain comfortably seated on the opposite side of the room, and allow me to quiet and sooth baby on my own.