I am interested in hiring you! What do I need to do?

  1. Contact me to make sure I am available for your due date. I often book mothers as early as their first trimester, and only take a few clients a month.
  2. After you hear back from me, I will hold your spot for 10 days (of course you can take longer to decide but I can’t guarantee a spot!).
  3. Book your free consultation at The Edmond Birthing Center so we can discuss details, review your contract, get your remaining questions answered, and get to know each other.
  4. To secure my services, fill out and sign your contract, and finalize your $250 deposit.
  5. The remainder of your fee is due by your 36th week of pregnancy at any pace you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a birth photographer?  My family can take the photos. 

Outside the birth of your baby, your wedding was probably the biggest day of your life.   You probably had a professional photographer, or even two, to cover that event.  Why didn’t you have a neighbor or family member take your wedding photos?  Probably because you needed to trust the final product and because you wanted all those important family and friends to be IN your photos and not behind the camera.

Having an experienced birth photographer there will ensure the *story* of your baby’s birth is told through photos.  It will give you the details that you might miss from your hospital bed.  It allows your family and friends to support you and not to worry about missing a moment.  It ensures the little details are captured that a friend might not think to photograph.  It allows your husband to hold your hand and be in the photos.  The hours of labor and delivery will pass just as quickly as the hours of your wedding day but your birth photographer will make sure you have the details of the day captured to relive for years to come.


What if I choose to not have you as a doula? 

Often times mothers already have full support team in place or have had multiple births that they were comfortable with.  Whatever the decision that leads you to choose photography only is ok with me!  Photography package pricing will be discounted $100 of of your final total.

What if I don’t want the actual labor and birth documented, but I do want pictures of those special first hours?

I offer a $385 1-2 hour lifestyle session at your birth location (hospital, home, or birth center). within 48 hours after the birth. Digital images are included.

What parts of Oklahoma do you serve?

The majority of my clients birth at The Edmond Birthing Center.  Some select clients qualify for photography outside of the center. After you are pre-screened I am available to photograph births within a 1.5 hour radius of Edmond, Oklahoma. A .55/mile fee (past 60 miles away from Edmond) will be added to those living outside that area.

When do you arrive for the birth and how long will you stay?

I normally attend your birth during active labor (around 6cm-8cm) and will stay up to 2 hours afterward. If added doula support is needed, I am happy to arrive at a time that makes you feel more secure in your birth.

Do I need to talk to my care provider to see if he/she will allow a photographer?

YES!  It is your responsibility to make sure your doctor and hospital or midwife will allow photography during your labor and delivery.   You may be limited to the number of “support” people allowed with you.  Please verify the official policies with your doctor and hospital, which might differ.  We will need to discuss this at the time of your booking.

If your doctor, midwife, or facility restricts photography specifically during the actual delivery (pushing, crowning, delivery), verify with your doctor the ability for me to take photos before the actual delivery, as well as photos immediately after the baby is delivered.   Even if the actual birth itself is restricted, I will still be able to get important shots of everything else that day.

Will photographs from my birth be posted on your website?

Yes, I do post images from the births on my website and Facebook page. However, you will be able to view your images before any of them are shared and let me know if there are any that you deem unsuitable for me to share.  Only the first names of the baby will be shared on the website.  If you choose to keep your birth private, I will respect that choice.

What if you don’t end up making it to my birth?

I only take a few births a month to allow me to have the greatest chance of attending each birth. If I miss your birth due to my error (ie: due to illness, attending another birth, unforeseen emergency), my back-up photographer will attend your birth. If my back-up photographer cannot attend, you will receive a complete refund. If I miss your birth because it was too fast or you did not call me in time, there is no refund and you will receive a print credit for your newborn session instead.

How long will it take to receive the images?

I will email you 5 – 8 low-resolution, watermarked images within 24-48 hours of the birth.  With your permission, I would be happy to announce the birth on the Echo Facebook page and start posting a few sneak peeks of the baby so you can share with family and friends awaiting the news. You may expect your final images in approximately 2-3 weeks after labor and delivery or 1 week after your newborn session is complete.

I am concerned about “private shots”; I don’t want any graphic pictures.

Not to worry! During our interview, or through email/phone calls, we will discuss what you would like photographed and what you do not.  Some women want pictures of the baby coming out, others do not. Your comfort is my top priority, so I will photograph as much or as little as you desire.

What do the pictures look like?

Birth photography captures the events as they happen, real life.  These are not typical portrait sessions; the lighting is usually dim and it’s difficult to plan what’s going to happen. To prevent any possible disruptions, flash is only used in rare circumstances.  If possible I only use the window and room lighting available.   Your images and slideshow will be given to you in your choice of color or black in white, however I find that black and white softens the scene and better reflects the mood of the day.  It also helps tone down any graphic images of birth and medical equipment in the hospital.

What if I have a C-Section? Can I still have a birth photographer?

If you are having a planned Cesarean birth, you will want to ask your doctor beforehand if they will allow a photographer in the operating room with you along with any other support persons you have. Many doctors do allow this! If your cesarean is unplanned, you may still ask, but it may be unlikely a photographer can go in with you. However, there are still plenty of beautiful moments to capture after the birth!  If I am not allowed in the OR, I will stay close by the doors to photograph your partner and baby being brought out and meeting family and will follow your baby to capture all of those firsts that you will miss from the OR and recovery. I am more than happy to stay at the hospital to document those first few moments in the postpartum room, or I can come back later to photograph those sweet bonding times with your newborn.

Keep in mind that the most important thing is that you have a safe delivery, and ultimately your doctor and nurse’s job is more important than mine.

What if I go in to labor at 2 am?  Will you be there?

YES, barring any unforeseen circumstance.  Babies don’t work on a set schedule so neither do I.  I fully anticipate middle-of-the-night phone calls.  You do need to keep me updated as early as you think labor might be starting.  I do request you keep me updated as to when you think labor is beginning at home (even if it ends up being false!), then again when you are heading to the hospital, and when your doctor confirms you are in active labor and they admit you.   Since it may take up to two hours to situate things at my own home and have time to travel to the hospital, it is important to keep in touch with me *EARLY* as labor begins and progresses so I get to you in time.

Heaven forbid my baby(ies) go to the NICU, what happens then?

Depending on the hospital’s policies, I will do everything in my power to capture all those memories as well.  I will take as many photos in the delivery room before your baby(ies) are taken to NICU as long as it doesn’t interfere with the medical staff.   If the hospital and medical staff allow, I will follow your partner to the NICU and take as many photos as I can.  Of course, I will respect your wishes for NICU coverage. If there is a time that I can’t be near your baby(ies), I will still document the activities outside the NICU with your family and friends.

What if I change my mind at the last minute and don’t want pictures?

No problem at all. If you decide to forgo birth pictures for whatever reason, I completely understand; however, any fees paid to that point are non-refundable and non-transferrable to another person or another session since that date was held for you, but you will not be liable for any more payments.  Arrangements can be made for credit on another type of photoshoot.