Conceived in creativity and a desire to gift families an irreplaceable piece of time, I began my adventure in photography in 2007 and have been falling in love ever since. I have since found my deepest passion is to capture the moments surrounding birth, and to love on new mothers throughout their journey. These sweet babies are only so little for so long, and I’m overjoyed that I get to help time stand still!

I became a doula in 2013 after photography first brought me into the labor and delivery room. I love to witness the way birth transforms women and their partners, and I am in awe of women’s strength.  As much as birth itself deeply fills my heart through photography alone, I often left with a feeling of “I should have done something”.  I witnessed so many families struggle without proper support as I sat quietly documenting their day, and I wanted to be able to make a difference. I wanted to be rock for each mom that I was photographing. My goal is to not only provide irreplaceable memories, but to also support and empower moms and their partners on the amazing journey to parenthood.

Little Surprises:

I’m passionate about life, spirit, and being love.  I spend half my time day dreaming about the ocean, and the other half soaking up moments with my four children.  The rain makes me smile, coffee will always win me over, and I can always be persuaded to go on a spontaneous adventure.  My bucket list includes surfing, and visiting every location in the song “Kokomo”. When I’m not with my birth families, I can be found doing “ok” at being a homeschool teacher, or running to support my husband’s dream of bringing natural health options to Oklahoma. 


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Loren Willis, CNHP
Emotional Freedom/Reiki Practitioner

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Jennifer Miller                                       HypnoBirthing Practitioner (HBCE)/Doula

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Laura Green                             Postpartum in home care

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did you know?  

In the animal world most creatures are alone when giving birth. HOWEVER, some bring new life in the world with the love and support of midwives! Both Dolphins & Elephants join around a laboring mother providing her comfort and any help needed to both mother and baby. 

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