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I believe that anything is possible in birth. I love helping and watching women grow into confident mothers who think for themselves and follow their instincts. My role in a growing family’s life is to encourage, educate, provide continuous physical and emotional support, and most importantly support your decisions whatever they may be.


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The life changing moment you hear that first cry, the look of wonder in your eyes as you finally meet this little soul that has been growing inside of you for months … These are moments that only happen once, and that you never want to forget. While plenty of new dads snap pictures of their baby moments after birth, having your birth experience professionally documented allows you and your birth team to relax and live in the moment instead of behind the lens.    

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I humbly realize that the moments captured in our time together can quite possibly be the photographs that you are sharing with your great grandchildren one day. This thought alone takes my breath away. Because photography extends much further than taking a picture, I want to make sure your memories are kept safe, made sharable, and will be there for generations to come.

Looking for a natural birth experience?


It’s been a long time coming, but as of the summer of 2017, the OKC and Edmond area got it’s very own birth center! The Edmond Birthing Center is a holistic birthing place and well woman center that is utilized by women seeking a natural childbirth, attended by nationally certified midwife professionals, or women in need of family planning and yearly checkups. By providing education, support, and age old wisdom, we empower women and their families, while enriching our community.

 What can they offer?

  • Waterbirth in large birthing tubs
  • No unnecessary intervention
  • Natural, gentle childbirth
  • Personal, individualized care
  • A spa-like atmosphere
  • Your birth, your way